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Managing your company's billing has never been so easy

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Dashboard and Reports

It has an intuitive dashboard that gives you an overview of your business and a whole series of reports with all the relevant information regarding invoicing, charges, current accounts, taxes and much more...

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Invoice scheduling

With ZS go you can issue an accounting document in seconds. Set up recurring billing or schedule reminders to avoid late payments by customers.

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100% online

100% online platform, no download required. You can access ZS GO from any device with an internet connection.

Managing your company's invoicing has never been so easy.

ZS go is an online software created with the aim of making your invoicing a simple, fast and intuitive process. It can be used in multi-company mode and with no user limit. With ZS go you can bill products or services from any device and all the steps of creating an account, entities and products are simplified so that you can bill with complete freedom in a very fast and uncomplicated way, anywhere and without wasting time.

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Creating Profiles

Creation of profiles according to the type of employee who interacts with the system, whether it is your accountant, administrative officer or who organizes the distribution of the company's products.

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Type of documents

ZS go issues all the documents necessary for the management of your business: Invoice | Receipt | Invoice/Receipt | Credit Note | Transport Guide | Shipping Guide | Proforma invoice

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Integration with ifthenpay

Integration with ifthenpay allows you to generate documents with ATM reference at any time.

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Personalized messages

Possibility of creating personalized messages for documents, checking accounts and thank you notes.

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Automatic monthly payment

Management, scheduling and issuance of automatic monthly payments

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Information sharing

With ZS go you will have complete freedom in the creation of access profiles and you will be able to automatically share information with clients and accountants

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