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The evolution of management in the HoReCa channel



The most complete tool for managing your restaurant. The missing ingredient to lower your foodcost.



Invoicing, purchase flow and product tracking, available in the cloud and within reach of a click.



Usability, flexibility and accuracy in sales, purchases and inventory processes.

The most complete software for the management of the horeca and retail channel

With ZS bms PRO, you can monitor the business in real time, facilitating decision making. Through ZS bms PRO you have total cost control and performance evaluation at the reach of a click.

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Macroeconomic image of the company

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Real-time sales and stocks

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Ratios and F&B

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Orders with automatic suggestions

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Pricing and availability schedule

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Production management and warehouse transfers

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Centralization and maintenance of all data

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Purchases and inventory management

Extra modules as needed for your business

Budgeting and Planning

- Budget definition by historical analysis

- View by year, month, day or period

- Store, brand or global view

Financial and ERP Integration

- Delivery VS invoice

- Supplier Cardex VS Invoice

- Request credit amounts

HR Schedule Plan

- Setting Daily Schedules

- Shifts and Schedules

- Vacations and Absences

Document management

- Automatic import of paper documents by scanning

- Direct purchase registration based on the scanned document (OCR reading)

- Access to documents in the Cloud

HACCP control

- Control, Monitoring and Temperature Alerts of Refrigerator Equipment

- Automatic or manual temperature readings

- Issuance and Control of Initialization, Production and Exhibition Validity Labels

Printing Labels

- Various formats (from A4 to roll)

- Customizable for any printer

- Customizable with different types of information

App Picking

- Inventories

- Article Consultations

- Stock Inquiries

Report Scheduling

- View of active tasks and last submission (by report)

- Customization of task name, status and language

- Selection of store(s) to filter data

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