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Um verdadeiro profissional para pedidos e pagamentos

configuracao de ementas

Menu configuration

Configure digital menus directly in the backoffice with total flexibility. It even allows different menus by schedule, menus for take-away and biip.

pedido direto zs monitor

Sending the order directly to the ZS monitor

All orders at the ZS kiosk go straight to the kitchen, without the need for approval by an operator at the point of sale.

pedido faturacao e pagamento

Ordering, invoicing and payment

The ZS kiosk is configured to work on a prepayment basis. It places the order, receives payment and issues the invoice.

Give your customer more freedom and improve the ordering process

With the ZS kiosk you can give your customer complete freedom and autonomy. For take-away or on-site consumption, the ZS kiosk is ideal for the restaurants that want to offer even more autonomy to the customer when ordering.

Table restaurants

Service excellence is crucial to the success of any business. Give your customer the opportunity to enjoy a unique service experience. ZS kiosk offers a more agile, practical solution with fewer errors, helping to improve your restaurant's overall service. This could be the differentiation your business needs.


Restaurants with take-away service are often crowded close to mealtimes. With the ZS kiosk this is no longer a problem. Give your customers freedom to order and pay autonomously through the ZS kiosk.


ZS kiosk allows a clear and dynamic visualization of information, and a contactless and totally cashless order, making the restaurant area of your hotel a more modern and at the same time a more functional space.


Ideal for providing information in an interactive way and avoiding the congestion of your event at mealtime. With the ZS kiosk, your customers feel more comfortable when ordering, given the simplicity and interactivity of the process, from payment to invoice.

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