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The restaurant business will never be the same again.

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Payment and invoicing on the PDA

Bill closing, with receipt and issuance of the invoice with QR code.

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Digital menu

View products, reviews, families and sub-families. The Digital Menu allows its customers to choose what they want and the employee only has to validate the order.

registo de pedidos

Order Registration

With this feature, employees can carry out all customer orders at the table, using a tablet or PDA, and send them directly to the kitchen.

Provide faster and more efficient table service with the ZS rest app installed directly on a PDA. Present the menu, register the orders, close the account and make the payment by printing the invoice with QR code.

Table consultation

Print customer table inquiries directly to Bluetooth printers.

Account presentation

Account closing with customer data automatically filled in. Input of tax data for the invoice.

Satisfaction Questionnaire

Get your customer's feedback through a fully customizable questionnaire.

ZS rest Integration

The ZS rest app offers you mobility features that are fully integrated with the ZS rest software.

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