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Kitchen management and organization

visualizacao e gestao de pedidos

Viewing and managing orders

Each order or change is followed by an audible signal. On the screen, the orders are displayed with an indication of the preparation time, by colors and comments.

modo take away

Take-away mode

With a customer and delivery confirmation screen, in addition to the possibility of connecting with printers.

maior organizacao

Greater organization

Eliminate paper orders and ensure a clean, paper-free kitchen with fewer mistakes.

ZS monitor is the App that allows you to have full control over kitchen orders, thus increasing visibility, hygiene and organization while keeping the focus on the most important, delivering the order on time and with the highest level of quality. Paperless and on a single screen, the solution for you!

Stock Control

Total control over stock with the possibility of indicating if a certain product is out of stock by blocking it at the point of sale.

Invoice presentation

Invoice with customer data filled in automatically. Entering tax data for the invoice.

Color time control

Displays all orders with indication of preparation time by colors and comments (ex: medium rare)

Order transfer

Allows you to transfer orders between production centers

Ticket printing

Indication of ready order with ticket printing

Group products

Possibility of grouping quantities of the same product

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