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Mobile invoicing tailored to your business, via TPA, tablet or smartphone.

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Fully hybrid

Allows, even with internet failure, to continue to work without compromising the point of sale

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100% Android

Native Android system with free updates and secure download from Google Play

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Speed and ease

Mobile invoicing software as it should be: very fast and easy to use to keep your business moving.

ZS mobile quickly adapts to new service models and to the changing customer expectations. It is fully integrated into the main payment terminals available on the market so you can keep your business moving and also have all the management features at your fingertips. With ZS mobile on your TPA or smartphone you can prepare and issue quotes, transport guides, orders and much more. It's quick and easy to use.

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Connection to scales, printers and many other devices.

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Exchange vouchers and stock consultation

Issuance of exchange vouchers between stores and consultation, management and printing of the status of the stock in transit.

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Easily issue the main tax documents, such as: budgets, transport guides, global guides, orders.

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Print the invoice directly at the terminal or through connected printers. Prefer not to print, fine! Send the invoice by email.

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Online and centralized management

Anywhere, anytime and on any device, you can change, consult and analyze all your business data in real time.

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Your invoicing can be mapped for results monitoring and control through the online management portal ZS bms.

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Control your business from anywhere

ZS bms interconnecting the platform with all of Zone Soft's software solutions allows you to manage your business remotely and issue the SAFT in a simple and easy way.

With ZS BMS PRO, you can monitor the business in real time, facilitating decision making. Through ZS bms PRO you have total cost control and performance evaluation at the reach of a click.

Zone Soft is the first company in Portugal to truly work with the full potential of the hybrid cloud, operating online and offline. With Zone Soft solutions, all the information generated in the points of sale are synchronized in real time.

Have all the tools you need for your business.

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