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A weighty solution for your retail trade.



Section scales, checkout scales, with or without labeller, fully integrated into the ZS pos

Peso e valor no checkout

Weight and value at checkout

Offer even more convenience to your customer, with the integration between sections, weights and payments.

Adapta-se a todo

Adapts to all types of business

For every type of retail business, there is a type of scale. And the ZS pos integrates easily into all of them.

Each scale has its functions and characteristics exactly for what you need to perform the tasks in your supermarket, butcher, fishmonger or fruit store. And for that reason, the ZS pos integrates with the main scales on the market, whether checkout, section, with integrated software, with labeling machine.

Fully integrated

Integrations with the POS and the respective ZS pos can be done through cables or wi-fi for those who can be used at the time of payment and invoicing. Or if it is the case of a scale with a printer, it is possible to weigh the items and print a label with the weight, price/kg, final price and even a bar code. When receiving payment, all you need to do is use the ZS pos scanner to read the label and invoice.

Have all the tools you need for your business.

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