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Integration with cash machines

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Most used

Zone Soft solutions are 100% integrated with the most used equipment on the market.

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Behavior change

Customers increasingly want more agility and convenience when making the payment.

Integracao com Zs Rest

Ease of installation

Just select a single item in the backoffice to complete the equipment integration.

Payment machine

Provide a faster and more secure service with automatic cash machines, a solution that allows you to manage cash payments easily and quickly. With a focus on security and efficiency, this could be the ideal solution for the business.

Available in any version

Greater Security

Avoid fraud, theft and deception with this automatic payment solution.


Employees stop touching cash, making the entire payment process safer and more hygienic.

Time management

By adopting one of our automatic payment solutions, you won't have to waste any more time verifying payments, and you can dedicate it exclusively to your customer.


A 100% flexible solution, the equipment can be positioned anywhere and adjusts to any type of business.

Have all the tools you need for your business.

A true ecosystem for the food and beverage sector

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Biip integration with digital menu, orders and payment

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Service automation

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