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Integration with take-away and delivery platforms directly at the POS

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One-time billing

Eliminates manual invoicing errors as it prevents information from being dispersed across multiple devices.

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Ease of use

With just one button, you will be able to see all orders from the platforms directly in the POS.

Integracao com Zs Rest

Less hardware

With increasingly smaller spaces, not having other devices to manage orders is always an asset.

Uber Eats and Glovo integration directly in the POS

The integration of ZS rest with Uber Eats and Glovo allows you to increase your restaurant's productivity, not only eliminates billing errors, but also avoids the dispersion of information on several devices, eliminates the need for maintenance of other software and reduces by 90% the operating time, order control and management. Ideal for you and your business.

100% integrated

With ZS rest Lite and Pro Plus your orders are fully integrated with Uber Eats and Glovo.

No tablet needed and other software

Carrying out all the necessary steps through a single software.

Error reduction

90% reduction in errors and uptime.

Receipt of orders

The parameterization of the receipt of orders is done automatically or by confirmation directly in ZS rest.

Cardex management

Management of Cardex and values directly in ZS bms.

Have all the tools you need for your business.

A true ecosystem for the food and beverage sector

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The ideal platform to retain and attract customers

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Biip integration with digital menu, orders and payment

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Ideal solution for mobile invoicing

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The ideal solution for managing the retail commerce

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Professional management - Horeca

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Online invoicing and management tool

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The restaurant business will never be the same again

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Kitchen management and orders with stock control

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Service automation

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