Zone Soft | Ponto de Venda, Mobilidade, Gestão Comercial e Muito Mais

About Us

We are a young company, made up of a team with a lot of knowledge in the area we are dedicated to.

We have several software products developed entirely by us for the area of food and beverages, commerce in general and mobility.

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Our goal is to provide our partners with reliable, easy-to-install, up-to-date software for the restaurant, retail, mobility and business management sectors so that their clients can enjoy their investment intuitively and without problems.

Our products are fast, with a simple and open configuration, without hidden options. All are supported by robust, world-proven SQL relational databases. The connection to these databases is native, direct and fast; does not require third-party installations.

Our softwares were developed by and for clients, since they were the ones who gave us the knowledge, suggestions and criticism we needed to turn them into good products. It was the clients who told us what was missing or how to solve this or that need.

We also know that nothing is perfect, so we are always willing to talk, solve problems or make improvements (always welcome!), as necessary to make the software what the customer needs and no other software can do it. .

After all, we are who developed, so we can improve it, isn't it true?