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The perfect solution for retail, 100% hybrid and with technological scalability.

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Fully hybrid

Allows, even with internet failure, to continue to work without compromising the point of sale

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Customizable screen

Have an interface that you identify with and that has buttons and functions that you actually use on a daily basis

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Multiple connections

Connection to any type of Hardware! Receipt printers, code scanners, section and checkout scales, customer displays, cash machines

ZS pos is the only software on the market for retail with a remote and online manager, in addition to an integrated mobile app for the management of your business. ZS pos is developed to grow with your business, as it has scalability, flexibility and technological growth. Whether for creating online stores, accounting integration or even using the API for proprietary apps, ZS pos is ideal for your business.

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Integrated mini CRM

Through ZS pos, you can schedule appointments, send texts and manage clients with a loyalty program free for the 1st year.

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Online and centralized management

Anywhere, anytime and on any device, you can change, consult and analyze all your business data in real time.

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Customizable front office

Your clothing store, beauty salon, pet shop or market, with the buttons and functions you actually use.

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Automatic payment machines

A growing need costs nothing on the ZS pos. Free integration with the main automatic payment systems on the market.

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Total hybrid solution

Local operation with cloud redundancy to which an excellent backoffice is added, remote and with the size and needs of each client.

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Technological scalability

ZS pos grows as the business grows, as it has scalability, flexibility and can integrate with ERP's, Accounting Management, online store and tailor-made interconnection API.

The best features for your business:

Dashboard panel

Visualize the document flow in a simple and quick way


View all appointments by day, demand or by employee.


Sending a predefined email or text with the appointment

Withdrawal slip

Printing of a control slip to facilitate the delivery of parts

Integration with scales

Interface with section scales and receipt reading of accumulated weighings for the same customer

List of Withdrawals

Know which parts are scheduled to be picked up and organize your work to facilitate delivery.

Product Configuration

With ZS pos it is possible to parameterize the properties by batch and/or serial number in addition to the parameterization of characteristics by colors and sizes.

Control your business from anywhere

ZS bms interconnecting the platform with all of Zone Soft's software solutions allows you to manage your business remotely and issue the SAFT in a simple and easy way.

ZS bms PRO is a cloud-based tool that allows you to control your business: number of sales, menu profitability, costs, average ticket, best-selling dishes, expiration dates and weights, nutritional information and ingredients per item, reporting of purchases based on in rankings and comparisons,… This and much more so you can save time, money and control.

Zone Soft is the first company in Portugal to truly work with the full potential of the hybrid cloud, operating online and offline. With Zone Soft solutions, all the information generated in the points of sale are synchronized in real time.

Have all the tools you need for your business.

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