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ZS keeper: the peace of cloud backup with Zone Soft

According to the RGPD legislation, Zone Soft is bound to delete the tax data of cancelled licenses within 30 days. Moreover, it can only store databases under a valid contract.

Zone Soft is only responsible for the storage and security of the data while the license is active. From the moment a customer or authorized agent cancels a license, the customer or agent has a period of 30 days to backup the database and ensure its availability for tax/legal purposes.

If the customer or agent does not perform the data backup, after 30 days Zone Soft will have to delete all inactive databases.

With ZS Keeper, your information will be safe, even for inactive licenses. This is the perfect way to secure your data by only 7€ per month.

Com o ZS Keeper, o seu negócio: With ZS Keeper, you will:

• Avoid loss of tax information and management of your business.

• Prevent legal non-compliance with the Tax Authority.

• Avoid consumer complaints.

• End with high maintenance costs.