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Zone Soft is the first company in Portugal to truly work with the potential of the hybrid cloud

Zone Soft is the first company in Portugal to truly work with the potential of the hybrid cloud, operating online and offline. With the Zone Soft software, the information generated by points of sale is synchronized, in real time or as soon as connected to the internet, stored and made available in the cloud.

Secure your information without additional costs:

  • Avoid the loss of tax and management information of your business.
  • Prevent legal non-compliance with the Tax Authority.
  • Don't risk consumer complaints due to missing invoices on the portal.
  • Put an end to high costs regarding information maintenance and retrieval.


Have all your tax and management information always available and safe.

With Zone Soft's cloud technology, provided there is an internet connection, the system synchronizes data every 20 seconds, safeguarding all the information.

It is also possible to view on both the front office of the points of sale and the ZS bms portal, whether the synchronization with the cloud is being carried out - Green cloud button: documents synchronized.

Ensures compliance with legislation

ZS cloud ensures a backup policy, with automatic synchronization of all  the information and the maintenance of 2 databases simultaneously, requirements of the Tax Authority for the use of invoicing programs.

Additionally, it performs a daily backup with a report on the Portal

Order No. 8632/2014 of July 3 (Diário da República No. 126/2014 - 03/07, Series II)

3.1.2 - To have in place a policy of backup copies, of compulsory periodicity, in order to minimize the volume of data to recover in case of corruption of the database and/or the maintenance of two or more simultaneous databases so that, when one becomes corrupted, the other(s) ensure(s) the continuity of the billing.


With virtually unlimited storage capacity, you don't have to worry about hosting the information or how much space it takes up on your computer.


Access your establishment's information in real time, whenever and wherever you want, from any device: computer, smartphone or tablet.

Automatic Updates

The use of the cloud allows you to instantly perform automatic updates both on the ZS bms portal and on the workstations themselves, with connection to the internet.