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Solar dos Presuntos

With over 40 years of existence (opened its doors on October 30, 1974), Solar dos Presuntos has recovered the great tradition of Minho cuisine. When you walk in you feel like home. Its quality is recognized by the best national and foreign specialists in a series of dishes that are authentic specialties of one of the oldest Portuguese cuisines.

Solar dos Presuntos is one of the largest kitchens in Europe, with 9 production centers, so it needed a solution to match the quality and tradition of a restaurant that, besides its history, also has more than 400 seats. Since the need for stock control to the minute, including the great variety of the wine cellar and of course, meet the highest demands of the Chef.

Integrated and user-friendly management in real time

The ZS rest Pro Plus integrated with ZS bms PRO guaranteed the management, control and access to all key business information, not only in the day to day operation but also helps to manage and know all the business results.

Nine monitors were installed with ZS monitor and placed in nine different production zones. As the management became visual, only 1 printer was needed due to the developments required by the Chef, such as grouping orders from the same table.

A customized and highly intuitive skin was also developed, with button locations, table maps in accordance with the several rooms. This way, the team, that easily adapted to the new frontoffice can easily make the registrations quickly, covering the rooms that add up to 400 seats.

For managers and owners, buttons and functions have been added so they can access certain details quickly.