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Rei dos Frangos: King of customer retention

The first Rei dos Frangos was born in 1989, where the brand story of the chicken with fries restaurant started. Today there are 19 stores spread throughout Portugal, from north to south. The Rei dos Frangos headquarters has more than 7,000 m2, being one of the best and biggest food preparation and production plants in the country.

Growing through loyalty

To increase the recurrence of consumption and analyse the consumption satisfaction index, apart from the creation of a significant database, Zone Soft proposed the use of its own loyalty program: freebee. It is the largest multi-brand loyalty program in the country with the ability to implement rules and award mechanics according to the needs of the brand, as well as a backoffice management with high analysis capacity.

With only 30 days of usage, impacting results were achieved:

  • Conversion of the client's database 11,000 records
  • 23% Full records
  • App interactions: more than 50 spontaneous opinions
  • Transactions: more than 18,100
  • Recurrence analysis: more than 1.8 visits per user per month

Next steps:

The development of a Rating system for customer satisfaction analysis.