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Otter: Delivery Experts

Otter is the all-in-one, fully digital solution that helps you track your delivery data across all platforms, reducing order issues, increasing sales and reducing delivery headaches.

With a presence in thousands of restaurants around the world, most notably in France, Spain and the UK. There are more than 170k partners worldwide, such as Pizza Hut, Burger King, KFC, Unilever, Starbucks, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Costa Coffee and many others. And now through integration with Zone Soft, Otter will power the restaurant business in Portugal with tools, technology and services to help restaurants and businesses grow and optimize their sales channels.

With Otter you can better understand the profitability of your digital channels through consolidated information from your sales channels. And more!

Comparative Analysis

Comparison of sales by platforms and orders, average order value, growth trends and commissions.


Sales performance by platforms, restaurant location, brands and different time periods.

Menu optimization

Get information on which items have the highest and lowest number of orders and optimize your menu for greater success in the delivery business.


Within the time schedule established within the platforms, the total hours and the percentage of time that you are no longer operational (due to lack of couriers, staff, technical problems). Detail of hours, offline time, percentage of downtime, by platform and store.

Business Insights

Through customized analysis based on your needs, in addition to a detailed overview of your restaurant's performance, you will get insights such as business trends, location performance, item availability, financial reports, menu quality score, expansion opportunities and a lot more.

With Otter and Zone Soft, it's never been easier to increase online ordering, save time and eliminate tablet chaos.