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ZS rest is the first POS billing software fully integrated with Uber Eats and Glovo

ZS rest is the first point of sale invoicing software fully integrated with Uber Eats and Glovo. The goal is to simplify, automate and streamline the entire management flow and interaction between the two platforms, restaurants and consumers.

The integration comes to solve three critical points that establishments face. First, the dispersion of information among several devices. By being integrated with ZS rest, all orders from Uber Eats and Glovo fall directly into the point-of-sale software where the customer usually works, simplifying the whole operation since the order flows naturally through all installed equipment, such as printers and kitchen monitors.

Secondly, the need for maintenance of various software. Uber Eats and Glovo have their own backoffice to manage product creation with photos, prices, texts, therefore bringing more complexity and demanding more time. By being integrated with ZS rest, and using the ZS BMS web backoffice, restaurants can manage everything on the same platform. It is as simple as this: on the product sheet, indicate that the product is to be integrated with Uber Eats or Glovo platform and what the PVP is. 

Finally, the issue of duplicate work in terms of registrations and invoicing to the consumer. Currently, after the restaurant receives the order via Uber Eats or Glovo, it has to enter it in the invoicing software. In other words, it has to repeat the process again, make sure the information gets to the kitchen, and not forget to bill the "delivery fee." With the direct integration between the Uber Eats/Glovo platforms and ZS rest, the order is processed automatically, goes to the kitchen (printer or monitor), the line is launched with the "delivery fee" and billed immediately. The process is completely automatic, without any operator intervention. At the checkout, the values invoiced from the platforms are broken down, avoiding mistakes or poor analysis of the invoicing.