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Grupo K

With 30 years of history, Grupo K represents a success story in Lisbon's nightlife. It has 9 spaces dedicated to catering and entertainment. It all started with the mythical Kremlin. The success determined the expansion of the business with the night club located at 24 de julho street. Today, Grupo K continues to grow integrating several projects.

Being an expanding group, Grupo K needed scalable solutions that could keep up with the growth of all existing businesses, while supporting new ones. Furthermore, it was essential to centralize all the information from the group's various spaces, so that it could be easily used by employees, with an interface customized to their needs and brand.

The Pro Plus version of ZS rest was installed in 50 points of sale simultaneously. The centralized management allowed a faster operation and a more accessible management analysis. Stock management, which until then was non-existent, ensured real-time control of the needs of each of the 9 spaces. Due to its business model, a payment management system with prepaid cards was implemented.