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Deliverect – One integration, all delivery platforms

Deliverect is our latest integration that simplifies the restaurant owner´s life and improves the customer´s experience. At Zone Soft, we are convinced of the positive impact of process automation on a business. For this reason, we go further and seek to provide our customers with resources that help them achieve this goal.

What is Deliverect?

Deliverect has already simplified the operation of +30,000 restaurants worldwide by streamlining the management of their orders online. Regardless of being a traditional restaurant, or a catering chain, or a dark kitchen or dark store, Deliverect is the ideal software to manage deliveries.

With the automation of processes and orders, the restaurant will:

- Receive all your orders at the POS, automatically printed in the kitchen and in a single format.

- Manage menus centrally and carry out promotions in real time.

- Access all sales and internal management reports.

The impact on the restaurant:

Learn more about how restaurants benefit from the lightweight integration of Deliverect and Zone:

“The integration process was very simple, we just had to define the menu and products. Then all the integration with the platforms is done automatically, the integration with the POS and billing part as well.” - Guilherme Lebre, managing partner of the A-100.

Learn more about all the details of this integration here!

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