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Solutions designed for the complete digitization of your restaurant

State-of-the-art solutions for managing, serving, ordering, paying and invoicing your restaurant

Table-side ordering, payments and invoicing

When customer service interaction is part of your business

Table service will never be the same with the ZS rest App. An application for mobile phone or PDA with digital menu, payments, invoicing and questionnaire for customers.

Order registration

The order is registered and sent straight to the kitchen, without delay, without paperwork and with all the details the customer wants.

Account presentation

Closing account at the table, where the customer can check, fill in the billing data, make the payment and take the invoice or send it by email.

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Total autonomy for your customer

Big orders! Big screen.

Autonomous service for take-away or local consumption, with payment and billing at the kiosk.

Configuration of exclusive menus

If your restaurant offers takeaway options other than what is served on site, no problem. Configure the kiosk menu and that's it!

Order, payment and notice for withdrawal

The customer places an order, makes the payment, receives the invoice and is even notified of the pick-up directly on the cell phone!

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Let your customers order directly on their mobile phone

On the app or on the web

Give your customers the freedom to order and pay using QR Codes.

Accept all forms of contactless payments

Debit and credit cards, MB Way, payments with NFC technology.

Speed and agility

Payment and invoicing process in a few seconds.

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O processo de pagamento passa de 20 minutos para 1 minuto num biip.

Maior rotação de mesas

O cliente tem autonomia total para fechar a conta, o que permite maior rapidez na libertação das mesas.

Melhora a eficiência do staff

O tempo recuperado pode ser direcionado a tarefas de maior impacto operacional e de experiência do cliente.

QR Code na consulta de mesa

100% integrado com o ZS rest, é ativado no ato e traz o QR Code na própria consulta de mesa.

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