Zone Soft | Ponto de Venda, Mobilidade, Gestão Comercial e Muito Mais

Remote management and online backoffice

Centralize the management of your business in a single portal

Your business at your fingertips, in the palm of your hand

Real-time tracking

Sales by stores, by products, by employee, consumption at tables and closings directly on your mobile phone.

Direct synchronization to POS

Adjustment, inclusion, exclusion of products, price changes, menu configuration, wherever you are, are updated in real time.

Total management

Monitoring and management of all online businesses, with presentation of graphs, analysis maps and reports, with export to PDF and Excel.

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The most complete software for managing the horeca and retail channel


The most complete tool for managing your restaurant. The missing ingredient to lower your foodcost.


Invoicing, purchase flow and product tracking, available in the cloud and within reach of a click.


Usability, flexibility and accuracy in sales, purchases and stock processes.

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