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Loyal customers come back and buy more

All Zone Soft point of sale solutions have native integration with freebee, the largest multi-brand loyalty program in Portugal

Greater brand visibility

Presence at national level

Capitalize on your brand from the group effect, with more than 150 participating brands and 600,000 registered users!

Access to reference KPI's

Through freebee's BackOffice it is possible to fully analyze the loyalty program, with a visual perception of the program's results.

One Click and Go Integration

Designed with a focus on catering and commerce, it is fully integrated into the PDF and you can choose the rule that best suits your business!

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App freebee

Featured offers

Latest deals and/or hotdeals with featured campaigns.

Adhering store guide

The most recent stores are highlighted as suggestions.

Georeferenced brands

Stores appear based on georeferencing and with an indication of the current offer.

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freebee Website

Ease search

Fast and intuitive search interface by location and category.

Proximity listing

Stores appear based on georeferenced location.

Featured Offers

The most recent campaigns and/or hotdeals are highlighted.

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