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Zone Soft. One of the Best Companies to Work For in Portugal

Zone Soft is proud to be part of the group of companies that stood out in 2021 and congratulates Exame Portugal Magazine in partnership with ManpowerGroup Portugal and with the support of AESE Business School for the initiative - Best Companies to Work For – EXAME/MANPOWER, which is now in its 21st Edition and which aims to distinguish organizations that, having a good organizational climate, show a responsible attitude towards their employees and society.

This year, for the first time, we are in the ranking of the best companies to work for in Portugal and both managers and employees across the Group are celebrating this recognition, which reinforces, on the one hand, the vision of top management and, on the other hand, reinforces the vision of each one of the people that make up this Group.

Those responsible for the organization attribute this recognition to the implemented human capital management and development measures and to the organizational values that are lived in on a day-to-day basis: focus on the Customer (internal and external), innovation and excellence and the individual skills that contribute to the retention and attraction of talents who identify with the culture and share the same values and make this Group a truly happy organization.

Among the main measures implemented is the hiring of Happiness Manager, which is dedicated to creating and promoting a healthy and familiar environment through the organization of various activities with the aim of increasing the level of happiness, well-being and satisfaction of employees. .

This measure proved to be essential for active listening, sharing ideas and suggestions based on a philosophy of Diversity and personalized follow-up, thus creating the ideal conditions for a culture of continuous improvement and employee development.

In this context, Zone Soft carries out numerous Team Building activities, often involving the employees' families, which allows for closer ties of trust.

An external company was also contracted to provide a support program and provide some services to employees and their families, a program aimed at well-being through access to various workshops on health, stress management, ergonomics, meditation sessions, free and confidential support and advice in several areas, such as psychology, legal advice, among others. This program aims and supports the achievement of a better balance between personal and professional life.

Another measure is the close and frequent communication between Management and employees which, especially during the most critical moments of the pandemic, ensured a positive collective feeling and security.

It should be noted that Zone Soft, before the 1st lockdown, adopted and tested the home-office model, which allowed creating the essential and necessary conditions for anyone to be able to work from home with the least impact on their daily functions and productivity .

These were some of the practices successfully implemented by Zone Soft, which this year sees recognition of good management practices, the quality of the people who work in the Group and which takes home its 1st MEPT prize.