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Mygon Table Reservation and Google Reserve integrated in ZS rest

A table reservation system in your restaurant allows your customers to book a table online while ensuring that you control the flow of customers, save time and optimize your restaurant operations.

Mygon is a 100% Portuguese company founded in 2012, which emerged in order to help merchants attract customers in periods of lower flow. It was the first online booking platform to be integrated with Google Reserve and is currently one of the main platforms for booking management.

The Restaurant starts receiving reservations through Google

Every time a user searches for your restaurant on Google, he'll be able to make a reservation without leaving Google. With Mygon, you can increase your restaurant's visibility, gaining new customers through the largest search engine on the Internet.

Mygon also helps advertise the restaurant

Mygon allows to create promotional campaigns and attract customers for days and times of lower flow. The restaurant has control over the campaigns, being able to activate and deactivate them whenever it wants. Furthermore, a team of professional managers is available to advise in the creation of the campaigns that best fit the business goals.

6 main reasons why you need a Mygon system integrated with your restaurant's ZS rest:

1. Attract new customers

Every restaurant wants to grow and the only way to do that is by attracting new customers. Using an online restaurant reservation system can take you one step closer to that goal.

2. Reduce mistakes

Imagine manually writing down a reservation and ignoring a guest's allergies or worse, leaving out a reservation? That's the problem with manually handling reservations - they increase the chances of human error leading to embarrassing situations.

3. Makes it easier to predict waiting times

One of the main causes of customer dissatisfaction is when they have to wait a long time to be served. After all: nobody likes waiting. When customers enter your restaurant, they expect to be seated immediately, and rightly so.

4. Reduce no-shows

Every empty table is a missed opportunity. It is even more disappointing when customers who book a table don't show up. With text messages, they don't forget they have a reservation. Apart from that, if they decide to cancel, the process is simple.

5. Improve staff management

It's not easy to know when you'll need more staff or if you are short. Booking helps you predict demand and staffing needs in advance. This puts you in a better position to analyze peak periods and plan team schedules accordingly.

6. Provide a better experience for your customer

Besides the food, there are many other factors that impact the customer experience at a restaurant. From finding a restaurant online and making reservations to the on-site experience, creating a seamless customer experience is likely to differentiate you from your competitors, attract new customers, and increase loyalty.