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The Nabeiro Group reinforces its technological commitment to Horeca through the participation in the capital of Zone Soft

The news was announced during the Zone Soft 2019 Event by Rui Miguel Nabeiro, CEO of Delta Cafés, and aims to strengthen the Group's relationship with the HORECA channel.

The Nabeiro Group, which owns the leading brand in the market in Portugal Delta Cafés, acquired a stake in the capital of the Zone Soft Group, a leading Portuguese technology company in point-of-sale billing software, among other business areas. This operation falls within the scope of the Nabeiro Group's strategy to strengthen its relationship and value proposition for the HORECA channel.

The announcement of the agreement was made personally by Rui Miguel Nabeiro, CEO of Delta Cafés, at the Zone Soft national event, which took place on May 4 and was attended by more than 500 people. At that time, the main advantages of this acquisition for the HORECA channel were presented, since the Zone Soft Group owns assets that include loyalty platforms – including a proprietary solution called freebee® with more than 600,000 users, automated service solutions through the company Levoo®, and a specialized purchasing center with the Comproo® brand.

"The Zone Soft Group has grown sustainably, since it is unconditionally committed to the relationship with its customers, something that fits with the values and culture of the Nabeiro Group", mentioned Rui Miguel Nabeiro on the sidelines of the event.

Michael Salvado, Partner and Commercial Manager of Zone Soft, said, for his part, that "It is an honor to have the experience and vision of an inescapable brand in the national market like Delta, we are now going to start an internationalization work for new markets , beyond Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique and South Africa, among other European countries where there is already a presence”.


Zone Soft, with more than 28,000 active licenses in the national market, makes available to customers point-of-sale technology that stands out for its cloud-hybrid and for solutions that facilitate service and operation in restaurants, such as cases of the digital menu, kitchen monitors and management app (for iOS and Android), among other features, with competitive prices. It also has an innovative payment solution, in which the bank terminal incorporates the point of sale software, allowing a unique payment experience for the consumer, since it includes billing, loyalty and payment on the same device. Payments can be made through magnetic stripe, chip or using "contactless" technology, accepting any type of national and international bank card.

Pedro Édris Sousa, Partner of the Zone Soft Group, remarked that "the objective of this collaboration is mainly to provide the catering business with professional technological solutions at competitive prices, improving the service experience, operations and management of the business".

With more than 55 collaborators and a network of distributors nationwide, the Zone Soft Group is one of the most innovative in the areas where it operates, with clients as varied as IKEA, Grupo Capricciosa, Science4You, Eurest, Noori, Nata Lisboa, Cascais. , Kitchen, Mar Shopping, Kinda Food, Alegro, Dolce Vita Tejo, Arcádia, among thousands of others.

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